• Each bowl, platter and table tray is indiviually hand-crafted using at least two different species of the rarest burled and figured woods.
  • Every piece of wood is as different as the tree from which it came, and so are the markings of every wooden bowl.

  • We refuse to dye, color or paint any piece.  With so many different natural colors and textures of wood, we believe there is absolutely no need. 

  • Each hand-turned bowl is carefully designed to highlight the richest display of wood grain beauty, color compliment, and fashioned shaped edges.  
  • The size and shape of each wooden bowl and tray is inherently different in many ways, because the crafter must work around knots, natural bark inclusions, and the uniqueness of each piece of wood. 

  • We do not try and duplicate any hand-turned bowl or tray exactly.  Instead we offer only original, one-of-a-kind pieces.  When commissioned, we recreate a similar style only, and never a replica.

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Cherry burl hand-turned bowl.
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Sectional lidded wooden bowl.
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Hand-turned wooden urns to fit all sizes.
 What to Expect

Our Mission Statement is “To hand-turn the most original wooden bowls available, used for daily functions.” We take our finished products very seriously.  Every online business should outline what their clients can expect.  Here are our primary guidelines.  

1)   “Premium Grade A” burled or figured wood construction on every cremation urn.
  ▪    Using only the finest woods ensures that the end product is truly beautiful in every way, on every surface,
       inside and out. 
  ▪    We want our families to display this art proudly on their mantle or showcase for many years to come. 

2)   Each piece of art has at least three (3) different wood types
  ▪    Considering which wood types, colors and figurations belong together is extremely important for the artistic
        value of every wooden bowl.

3)   Every wood surface is professionally tooled, sanded and finished, unless otherwise described fully online.
  ▪    The finishing touches are just as important as cutting the wood blocks.

4)   Our actual production timeframes take between eight to twenty-four hours of work, with numerous drying and
      curing breaks between the steps. 
  ▪    Every lidded bowl or tray, regardless of its size, presents special considerations.  
  ▪    This includes such factors as the wood block shape, urn design, the best finish for the presentation, “work-  
       arounds” like natural burl crags and pith, etc.

5)   We offer only our own hand-turned bowls and trays.  
  ▪    We never market products from outside sources or “foreign” sites.  
  ▪    This ensures our exceptionally high standard of artisanship.

Uniqueness of Wood

Artistic Wooden Bowls
Hand Turned Lidded Bowls & Platters