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David Farquhar
Lee's Summit, MO  64063
Phone: (816) 442-4918 
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST

David’s work has displayed in different Kansas City showrooms, including the Hallar Gallery near the Country Club Plaza.  Numerous businesses in and out of the Kansas City have showcased and offered his hand-turned bowls.  David also contributes pieces regularly to different charity auctions.
Every wooden bowl David creates is a labor of love.  His purpose is not to manufacture factory type items, but rather, to carefully craft art for pleasure, offered to those who love beauty.  David’s true passion is woodturning.
David Farquhar, President
David Farquhar, Owner of Artistic Wooden Urns.
Lidded bowls made of the rarest hardwood burls.

To hand-turn the most original wooden bowls available, used for daily functions.

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Why We Do It

Purpleheart music boxes were my first hand-crafts that sparked my interest in woodworking. They were gifts for my family. A piece of my heart was in every one. These jewelry boxes played Edelweiss, The Rose, and other favorite tunes.

Soon afterwards, I bought my first lathe. In a day or so, I made my first bowl. It had a very basic design, but I loved using the lathe from in start. In no time, woodturning became my greatest passion. I turned pens, bowls and trays. I found pens were the perfect Christmas gifts, but very limited in creativity. Lidded boxes and large trays gave me and endless variation of bowl shapes is endless. So began my passion with hand-turning wooden bowls, trays, and cremation urns.

The prices for figured and burled wooden blocks are outrageous. I learned early to scavenge log pieces from trees down in the neighbors’ yards. It’s easy here in the Kansas City area after windy winter ice storms. I chainsaw the wood into blocks, wax the ends, keep what I want, and then sell the others on EBay or give them to friends at the Kansas City Woodturners Guild. More than half of the wood I use is salvaged from log piles that would have been burned or chipped.

As time passed, woodturning became my favorite passion, mostly of wooden urns and lidded bowls. I started using all different types of woods too. I never color, paint or dye any of the pieces. There is no need, as God did all that for us. Friends started buying my hand-turned bowls for birthday, Christmas, and wedding gifts, and when their lifelong pets passed on, cremation urns. As my wallet grew from this hobby, I began taking this small business more seriously. With the enormous customer base of the internet, woodturning art pieces for a living seemed within reach. 

Now we are fat with woodturning inventory. Bowls, trays and wooden urns are everywhere. We have well over a hundred pieces. Each one takes a great deal of time and meticulous care. Never do I scrimp or cut corners. Every surface is sanded and finished to glass. I use only the finest figured and burled lumber. Each cremation urn is made of at least three types of contrasting wood. Each one is a gift from God, and I feel the presents of His Angels every time I enter the woodshop. This is why my heart is in every turned bowl.
How We Do It
Most blocks of wood we cut and process onsite.  Using the lathe, we rough-turn the shape thickness to 1½", add a processing agent, then set it aside for six months to a year to dry completely.  We hand-turn and finish the base, flip it over, and glue the dried rough-turn to it.  We hand-turn the bowl into its shape, adding a lip to most for stability.  We complete the lidded bowl with either polyurethane or a special wax and shellac  finish.  Finally, we fit the vessel with a matching lid.  Making each wooden bowl takes a great deal of time and effort, but is worth every minute.
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